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About This Project

Aberfeldy Estate, Abbott Road, London E14



With a development programme lasting 10 years, the old Aberfeldy Estate is being transformed in 6 phases. The project will introduce 1,176 new homes in a mix of tenures, a new neighbourhood shopping parade with a health centre and community centre.


We are delighted to have worked with our client since the project’s inception and secured outline planning approval, as well as detailed approval for phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3. Phase 3 will start on site in summer 2016. Leaside Planning Limited is now working on phases 4 to 6.


Link to Aberfeldy New Village website




At a quarter to midnight on 7th September 1940, the first night of the Blitz, a series of explosive bombs hit Aberfeldy falling between Ettrick Street and Aberfeldy Street. Seventy six buildings were damaged. One van, one car, a staff car all destroyed. 24 inch gas main, 4 inch service pipe damaged. Fourteen minutes later, on the stroke of midnight an additional strike of explosive bombs and incendiary bombs fell on Benledi Street just to the east damaging a further 57 buildings.


Picture credits :Levitt Bernstein Architects


Aberfeldy LLP


Levitt Bernstein Architects


£250 million


Outline approval – All Phases (1176 apartments) June 2012
Detailed approval – Phase 1 (338 apartments) June 2012
Reserved matters – Phase 2 (219 apartments) March 2014
Reserved matters – Phase 3 (344 apartments) November 2015